We Monitor Progress


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Consistency of Care

Continued treatment is vital during all stages of treatment and poor attendance can delay recovery times.

  • Confirm work status throughout
  • Request progress notes bi-weekly, more often if any concerns have been raised
  • Send any requests to extend treatment for Utilization Review

We Stay Engaged and Ahead of Roadblocks

We continue to monitor progress and attendance, addressing any issues along the way.

To ensure our services are smooth and successful, we follow the referral from beginning to end.  We make sure that the initial scheduling is appropriate for all parties.  Depending on the type of service that we’re scheduling, we ensure it continues to move along smoothly throughout the process.  If necessary, we reach out to our client, to report any issues that may occur, i.e. missed appointments, non-compliance.

Once service is completed, we follow up with referral source to ensure satisfaction.