We Schedule




We start with information

We gather all information necessary to schedule appointments and coordinate treatment, including referring provider data and related scripts.  Most appointments are scheduled within 24-hours of receiving referral.

Active Care is all things scheduling. We can schedule any appointment that is patient related.

We schedule treatment, diagnostic tests and even transportation.

We contact the imaging facility to advise where films/test results should be submitted.

We coordinate any durable medical equipment prescribed and confirm delivery.

Confirm employee work schedule and availability

We reach out to the patient directly in order to determine their work hours, their work status and then coordinate the best schedule.

Contact ACS Network provider and relay information necessary to begin treatment

We locate the best facility for the patient based on work and/or home locations.  Then we contact the provider to give them all information necessary to begin treatment.

Send patient link to Scheduling App and notify the client

Once the initial appointment has been scheduled, we update the employee and send a link to the appointment from our scheduling app. Then, we provide the referring party with the appointment information and the treatment  plan